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Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation

A diagnostic hearing evaluation begins with a thorough medical and hearing history, physical (ear) examination, pure tone testing, and speech understanding in quiet as well as in noise. 

Restoring Hearing with Amplification

Discover Audiology guides you in the selection of hearing aids based on degree of hearing loss, communication needs, lifestyle, and budget. Hearing aids are dispensed on a trial basis.

Discover More About Hearing Health

The simultaneous presence of two or more medical conditions such as heart disease, small vessel vascular disease, and diabetes can cause hearing loss if not managed.

Taking care of your hearing health

Payment Plan

Discover Audiology accepts payment by cash, check, personal credit card and Care Credit.

Personal care provided by an Audiologist

Dedicated to building a personal patient to doctor relationship to improve quality of life through restoring of hearing, providing access to leading technology, and counseling of preventative care.

Doctor Experience

Dr. Shari Norval, AuD,

has 35+ years of experience improving quality of life through better hearing.

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