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Restore Hearing

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ReSound hearing aids
Oticon hearing aids

Hearing Aid Repair and Services

Discover Audiology in Springfield, Missouri provides In and Out of Warranty repairs for hearing devices on our list of manufacturers. Walk-ins are welcome although calling in advance is highly recommended.

Telephone Services for the Hearing Impaired

Discover Audiology is a proud partner with Southwest Center for Independent Living, providing the necessary diagnostic evaluation and confirmation of eligibility for assistive devices available to the hearing impaired through the Telecommunications Assistance Program.

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Will my Insurance Pay for Hearing Devices?

Discover Audiology is a participating provider of several Medicare Advantage Plans and Third Party Providers. Check your insurance plan for hearing aid benefits.

Hearing Aid Dispensing

Discover Audiology guides you in selecting hearing aids based on your communication needs, lifestyle, and budget. Like so many other consumer products, hearing devices are designed to offer GOOD, BETTER, and BEST performance to meet the needs of a wide range of degrees of hearing loss and demands of the user. Hearing devices are dispensed on a trial basis.


A deposit is required with the balance due at the end of the trial period when confident of your new hearing ability.

 In-house demonstrations of different technology levels with a wide range of algorithms for speech processing are available, allowing consumers to learn and hear the differences.

Nearly all GOOD, BETTER, and BEST levels of technology allow for use of rechargeable batteries and are highly reliable and efficient. Lithium-ion batteries offer up to 20 hours of use and take only 3 hours to fully charge. Manufacturers advocate replacing the battery just prior to warranty expiration, therefore allowing for up to 6-7 years of reliable use. Disposable Zinc-air and rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries are not interchangeable.

BETTER and BEST levels of technology connect to Smart cell phones using blue-tooth technology to stream phone calls, TV and music directly to your hearing aids or connect wirelessly to other devices.


Both iPhone and Android smartphones are compatible, however, both require the latest models and latest software updates.  An APP is downloaded to your compatible phone offering access to more features such as volume control, personalized programs, changes in noise reduction, and locating lost devices through GPS.

Technology alone is not the solution to your hearing problem.  Improved hearing is achieved by:

  • Committing to wearing the devices on a consistent basis to adapt to a new world of sound.


  • Learning how to best clean and care for the devices in order to maximize their life expectancy.


  • Applying strategies for communicating in challenging listening environments.

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