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Hearing Services

Why Choose Discover Audiology Hearing Services?

Discover Audiology takes a holistic approach to hearing loss, treatment, and management.  Dr. Norval will be your advocate when communicating to your primary physician about sudden or recent hearing loss or the risk for future hearing loss.


As your advocate, Dr. Norval will explain how your family and medical history as well as occupation and recreational passions have impacted your hearing.  She will address associated complaints of tinnitus, aural fullness, or dizziness should you have these conditions and make appropriate referrals when needed.

Shari Norval, AuD, has 35+ years of experience. Her career was primarily at Mercy Clinic Springfield, Missouri with Ear, Nose, and Throat physicians. Dr. Norval has spent the past few years in private practice in Springfield, providing compassionate care and expertise in hearing health.

Ear Exam

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation

A Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation begins with a thorough medical and hearing history, physical (ear) examination, pure tone testing, and speech recognition in quiet as well as noise. 

The appointment concludes with discussion of results, impact on quality of life, recommendations for amplification or other assistive devices to improve communication and if warranted, referral to ENT specialist.

Young women being fitted with a hearing aid

Restoring Hearing with Amplification

Discover Audiology guides you in the selection of hearing aids based on degree of hearing loss, communication needs, lifestyle, and budget. Hearing aids are dispensed on a trial basis.

In-house hearing aid demonstrations of different technology levels with a wide range of speech processing are available allowing consumers to learn and hear the differences before purchase.

Skeet shooting wearing hearing protection while shooting firearm

Discover More About Hearing Health

Noise-induced hearing loss is second to aging for causes of hearing loss. The more you are around loud noise without hearing protection, the more you risk having hearing loss.

Occupational noise poses may challenges. Discover Audiology will guide you through a full range of solutions to help you improve your hearing conservation by recommending
the right hearing protection.

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